Neutrino protocol is a multi-assetization protocol, crypto-collateralized, powered by Waves and acting as an interchain toolkit enabling frictionless DeFi on demand.


Tokenization of real-world off-chain assets

Neutrino.protocol enables the tokenization of national currencies or commodities by algorithmically maintaining the economic stability of the synthetic asset rate.

USDN staking functionality

An estimated annual yield can range from 8% to 15%, depending on market conditions and the exchange rate of WAVES.

NSBT token

A utility token for the Neutrino system designed to ensure the stability of reserves on the Neutrino smart contract.

Algorithmic stability

The Neutrino protocol uses a native token as a reserve currency locked on the smart contract, without having to rely on centralized entities with limited transparency.

Interchain DeFi via Gravity (coming soon)

A single asset space for all blockchain ecosystems facilitating instant swap between assets across different chains.

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In the Neutrino dApp, USDN token based on the Neutrino protocol can be exchanged at a fixed rate. The Neutrino system base token (NSBT) ensures that in case of diminishing reserves in underlying assets on the smart contract, there is an incentive to replenish them through the purchase of NSBT.


Neutrino Protocol uses all the benefits of Waves Protocol LPoS. All the USDN tokens can be staked with a 8-15% annual interest. Invest in USDN using Neutrino website or your Waves.Exchange profile.


Neutrino tokens can be locked to receive a passive staking income. Also, the Neutrino stablecoin is used for payments in applications based on the Waves protocol, such as Waves.Exchange.

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