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Waves Campus is a resource for learning the basics of blockchain and crypto. Here, you can learn how to deploy a blockchain, develop dApps, use Waves products and collaborate with the community. It is the go-to place for blockchain-related education that inspires you and helps to shape your ideas.


Waves Campus aggregates knowledge on Waves tech, providing access to a vast gallery of research papers, developer documentation, case studies, tutorials and discussions. This is a place where you learn how to develop and use Waves tech.

Tutorials and product overviews cover all available Waves Tech products and their components. You can gain knowledge in any suitable form, choosing between videos, scientific papers, Medium articles and developer documentation. Waves Campus caters to anyone’s needs and content consumption preferences.


Waves Campus provides fast and easy guides for blockchain developers. You can create your decentralized application from scratch using structured and thorough client libraries and toolkits.

Check out a diverse collection of tools, products and components and choose those which will help you to create your blockchain-empowered applications and smart contracts. Here, you can also find structured and comprehensive client libraries and toolkits.


Waves Tech includes multiple projects of various types: DeFi, crypt wallets, gaming, team management, business dApps and more. Through Waves Campus, you can get quick access to utilizing ready-to-use products in the Waves ecosystem. Start leveraging innovative blockchain technologies and crypto economy right now.


Waves Tech is aimed at achieving mass adoption of blockchain technology. Together with the Waves community, we are building Web 3.0, the next generation of the internet — a transparent, interoperable, private, accessible and fair environment powered by decentralized technologies.

We welcome you to help us achieve our aim and create a better future with Waves. Explore new opportunities within our existing communities or build your own community with our support. Join our groups, find the like-minded, learn more about Waves Tech while sharing your knowledge with your local community. Waves Campus provides access to multiple communication resources and events where you can obtain new knowledge, share experience and engage with the Waves community.


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