Innovations of tomorrow for people of today



To empower builders of decentralized solutions of tomorrow, embraces various tools, dev libraries, guides, tutorials and courses within a single space. Overarching theoretical basics and practical frameworks were enshrined in Waves.campus to make the first steps in adopting a decentralized web as fast and easy as possible.

Waves.campus is a direct gateway to start developing and utilizing decentralized technologies. It’s a portal, a guide and enabler. is an all-encompassing ecosystem of innovative technologies advancing technological frontiers for the pioneering developers of tomorrow and adopting them for every-day practical implementation. Leveraging the three practical and powerful blockchain protocols, provides both developer-friendly infrastructure as an experimental ground for innovation and ready-to use tools and products demanded here and now.

Together we are building Web 3.0, the next generation of the internet — a transparent, private and fair ecosystem powered by decentralized technologies. We want to welcome you to help us create a better future with Waves technologies. Explore new opportunities within our existing communities, or build your own community with our support. Grow with us and learn more about Waves while sharing your knowledge with your local community.


DApps for storing and managing your crypto assets. Independent products built on Waves and driven by the community

Waves technologies resolve challenges of today with innovations of tomorrow